Laparoscopically Assisted Vaginal Hysterectomy and Bilateral Salpingo-Oophorectomy with Dr. Jennifer Weiner-Smith

Respondent: 20 years old

Testosterone Start Date: 7/22/2012

Would you recommend this surgeon? yes, she did a great job, was very sensitive with aftercare, and has a lot of experience working with trans patients

Reasons for hysterectomy: Cramping, required prior to phalloplasty

Letter Required? No

Pap smear required: No

Pre-op instructions: no bowl prep, washing with antibacterial soap night before and morning of surgery

Supplements used pre-op? N/A

Hospital Stay: Discharged same day

Surgical experience: great overall experience

Post-op instructions: no lifting heavy objects for 8 weeks, no cardio for 6 weeks

Medications prescribed: none

Supplements used post-op: N/A

Pain levels:

Immediately post-op: 5-6 (Moderate)

1 week post-op: 3-4 (Mild), 5-6 (Moderate)

2 weeks post-op: 3-4 (Mild)

3 weeks post-op: 3-4 (Mild)

4 weeks post-op: 3-4 (Mild)

Sources of pain: Gas Pains, Incisions, Internal Pain, not gas related

Healing Timeline: N/A

Lifting restrictions: 8 weeks, 6-10lbs

Driving Restrictions: 1 week

Time to return to work: 3 weeks

Complications: N/A

Products used and recommended to assist with healing: N/A

Masculinization post-hysterectomy? N/A

Other information: N/A

Author: Aaron Graham

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