My name is Aaron Graham, I’m a transgender man and the creator of Hysto-Bros.com. I am in the process of getting a hysterectomy, and have had a hard time finding answers to all my questions regarding how hysterectomy affects transgender men. Given that many of us are on testosterone (though not all of us), the effects of a hysterectomy could and likely are different for us and the lack of resources I could find regarding those differences was discouraging. What I was able to find was scattered across many different websites and forums and a good portion of it was all from a female perspective.

So I have created this site to be a resource for trans men (as well as anyone else who may need the information, ALL IDENTITIES ARE WELCOME HERE) who need it now and in the future. The name is meant to be a play on the very popular, female oriented hysterectomy resource, hystersisters.com. As the site grows I will be adding research and articles that apply specifically to transgender male reproductive health and hysterectomy outcomes.

In order to get a better idea of how a hysterectomy affects trans-men, I have created a detailed survey to collect data from those who have had the operation. The responses from the anonymous survey will be posted as individual blog posts for those who would like to read about individual experiences with the operation. I will also use it to create a list of trans friendly recommended surgeons by location. Eventually when enough data has been collected, I will be able to use it to better inform my articles on just how hysterectomies affect transgender men’s bodies.

I am currently collecting surgery survey responses so if you have had a hysterectomy and would like to contribute to this page for the benefit of others in the future, click below.

The survey is 4 pages and depending on how much detail you give (the more you give, the more useful data we can use to help others), it will take anywhere from 5 – 30+ minutes to complete.

Image Link to Hysto-Bros Surgical Survey